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Rewarder Platform

Rewarder is our proprietary benefits management platform, offering two very different solutions: Create and Cascade.

Rewarder Create

For greater control over customisation.

Create lets you select the features that meet your needs so you can design the ideal benefits plan at speed.

Rewarder Cascade

For a single point of control over multiple benefit plans, with the means to cascade changes immediately.

Cascade offers personalisation alongside automation, for greater efficiency and profit.

How Rewarder works

Rewarder is more than an off-the-shelf platform. Partners can develop propositions for their chosen market and grow their profits through benefits management.

Streamline your processes to increase profitability and improve user experience and client services

Automate and simplify benefits data management to reduce cost and increase profit

Set up high volumes of schemes quickly, easily and profitably

Create bespoke benefit packages for precise needs

Enable smarter employee communication for easier anytime take-up of benefits

Execute analytics and reporting that streamline and support your plans for continuous improvement

Plan to win

One Platform with two solutions for all client needs

Flexible technology makes even your most challenging clients profitable

Simple client set up and management

Offers clients personalised plans and portals

Robust enough for the largest schemes

Manages high-volume client portfolios more profitably

Scale your business with a single Platform

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